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requisis_ReqIF-Manager - Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes page of our requisis_ReqIF-Manager. Here you'll find detailed documentation of each release, highlighting new features, improvements and bug fixes ensuring you stay informed about the latest functionalities.

Release 4.4.01
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-3091Fixed a bug in the customer role where the "Synchronize Modules" function would not remove an export view from a module in a ReqIF set if the export view no longer existed in DNG. With this update, the "Synchronize Modules" function now correctly removes all export views from modules in a ReqIF set that no longer exist in DNG. This ensures that the ReqIF set accurately reflects the current state of the modules and prevents any confusion or errors that could result from outdated export views being included.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3106We have fixed an issue where the name of a ReqIF set in the drop-down menu was not updated immediately after it was changed. With this bugfix, the name of the ReqIF set is now updated in real time in the dropdown menu when it is renamed.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3111We have fixed an issue where the text was not resetting on startup when a spinner with progressing text was displayed. With this fix, the text will now clear properly when the spinner is displayed.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3114We have fixed an issue where the "Select All" option on the "Export" tab in the supplier role was also selecting non-visible module configurations. With this bugfix, the "Select All" option now only selects visible module configurations for export.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3116We have implemented a bugfix for the ReqIF-Viewer to improve search and scroll functionality:
When scrolling away from a search result and searching again, the viewer will now automatically navigate back to the search result's location.
The "Clear search" button has been updated to properly reset the search, allowing users to jump back to the searched term's location when searching again.
RS-3120Fixed a display error where the mapping status for incomplete mappings was displayed as complete.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3122Fixed an issue with wrong HIS status messages in the module log. With this correction, HIS status messages are now displayed correctly in the module log."ReqIF-Manager
RS-3131Fixed a bug in the Compare-Module that prevented embedded text artifacts from being displayed. With this update, users can now display embedded text artifacts in the Compare-Module as expected.Compare-Module
RS-3132We have fixed an issue where baseline information could not be retrieved if the name contained special characters, such as the ampersand (&). With this fix, baseline information can now be successfully retrieved regardless of the presence of special characters in the baseline name.LibraryBundle
RS-3137We have fixed a bug where the "Create baseline" function in the "Close import session" dialogue box did not create a baseline (BL) if the associated change set was no longer available. With this fix, the function will now properly create a baseline even if the change set is no longer available.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3142Fixed a bug in the repairDngReqIF processor where file name replacements were not being applied to the tool extensions part. With this update, the processor now correctly replaces file names in the tool extensions part, ensuring that all references to files are updated correctly. This helps prevent errors and improves the accuracy of the repaired ReqIF file.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3146We have fixed an issue where the selected view in the supplier role was not exported if there was no mapping. With this bugfix, the selected view is now exported correctly in the Supplier role if no mapping is active.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3152We have resolved an issue where the LDAP group check for the "auth.ldap.user_access.dn" parameter failed due to case sensitivity.requisis_Toolbox
RS-3161Fixed a bug where the 'Show file in ReqIF viewer' function in the ReqIF-Manager did not work correctly for ReqIFz packages with multiple files. With this update, the function now correctly displays the selected specification, even if it is not in the first ReqIF file of the package. This improves the usability and reliability of the ReqIF Viewer.ReqIF-Manager, ReqIF-Viewer
RS-3163Fixed a bug in the CompareExportView process where view attributes were not being updated correctly. With this update, the view data and view attributes are now updated during the comparison process. This ensures that renamed attributes are not removed from the export later and are also displayed correctly in the edit module dialog. This improves the accuracy and reliability of the export process.ReqIF-Manager
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-3121The Compare-Module manual has been updated. With this update, users can now access the latest information and instructions for using the Compare-Module.Compare-Module
RS-3153We have implemented a workaround for a DNG issue where incorrect file paths were generated during the export of diagram artifacts. This workaround ensures that the correct file paths are used when exporting diagram artifacts, preventing export failures or incorrect file locations.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3160We have made significant improvements to the Admin Manual to enhance its clarity, accuracy, and usability. The updated manual now includes better explanations, more examples, and improved formatting to help administrators more effectively use and manage our software.requisis_Toolbox
Release 4.4.00
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2856Added error messages when attributes or types are not correctly present in the DNG data model even though they are used.
More detailed and informative error messages are now displayed to help users diagnose and resolve the problem.
RS-3013Fixed errors in the display of structure changes and improved their display to make them clearer and more intuitive.Compare-Module
RS-3014Fixed an issue where dragging and dropping the column width resulted in incorrect behavior.ReqIF-Viewer
RS-3015Fixed an issue where the Export/Import jobs overview did not update the last module row correctly after a job run.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3016Fixed an issue where the stream was not updated in the overview when a change set was created via mapping.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3020Several errors that occurred in the browser console when displaying the module or job log have been fixed.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3021Fixed an issue where multiple modules could not be set as a superset using the "add module with URI" feature.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3022Fixed an issue where user data was not displayed in the Administration > Errors section even though it was available.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3026Resolved an issue where mapping attributes with different directions caused problems during export in the supplier role.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3029Resolved an issue where new modules were incorrectly displayed as "out of sync" in a new ReqIF set created in the supplier role.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3030Resolved an issue where the error message "E451: The view in DNG you selected is invalid" appeared unexpectedly in the application.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3034Resolved an issue where switching the version context in the Compare-Module did not update the session until the page was reloaded.Compare-Module
RS-3035Fixed an issue where the redirect after login was not working correctly.requisis_Toolbox
RS-3037Resolved an issue where the "Modified by" and "Created by" settings were not being set when creating or modifying predefined mapping profiles.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3045Fixed an issue where the line break character was not displayed correctly in string attributes.ReqIF-Viewer
RS-3052Export/Import Jobs: Fixed an issue where jobs from ReqIF sets to which the user did not have access were still displayed when using the filter by user feature.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3064Fixed an issue where selecting a new version in the Compare-Module would reset the selected view.Compare-Module
RS-3066Fixed an issue where error messages for API requests were not providing sufficient information to users.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3093Fixed a bug where bullet points, bold, and italic formatting were not displayed correctly.ReqIF-Viewer
RS-3110Fixed an issue where applying a predefined mapping profile during an import mapping resulted in an error message.ReqIF-Manager
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2970Added a progress indicator when setting the version context, view, or module to provide feedback to the user.
Users can now see the progress of the operation, similar to the progress indicator displayed when clicking the reload button.
RS-2991Enhanced the behavior of the "Show file in ReqIF-Viewer" feature to display the he correct specification from the ReqIF file.ReqIF-Manager, ReqIF-Viewer
RS-2993Implemented zipping of log files to conserve storage space.
Log files are now stored in a compressed format, reducing their size and improving storage efficiency.
RS-3007A new chapter on parameters that are no longer used has been added to the Admin Manual.requisis_Toolbox
RS-3023Improved the error message that is displayed when an artifact cannot be found.MixLibrary
RS-3025Improved the display of multimapping attributes on the ReqIF.Description attribute during supplier import to hide the attribute label when the attribute value is empty.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3040Improved the Close Session feature to display the progress text correctly.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3048Improved the export process for Supplier Profiles to ensure that the Artifact-ID is always exported as ReqIF.ForeignID if it was mapped during import.ReqIF-Manager
New Features
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2976DNG tags and workflow state attributes are now compared and exported to Excel along with other attributes.Compare-Module
RS-3003Introduced automatic cleanup of Compare-Module files to optimize storage usage.
Admins can configure the deletion period using the cm.job_cleanup.delete_after_days parameter in the parameters.yml file.
RS-3018Added a new parameter 'ui.start_page' in parameters.yml to allow administrators to configure a bundle to be called up directly after login.requisis_Toolbox
RS-3087A free demo version of ReqIF-Viewer has been added, which displays only the first 50 spec objects of a document.ReqIF-Viewer
Release 4.3.01
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-3022Fixed an issue where user data was not displayed in the Administration > Errors section even though it was available.ReqIF-Manager
RS-3037Resolved an issue where the "Modified by" and "Created by" settings were not being set when creating or modifying predefined mapping profiles.ReqIF-Manager
Release 4.3.00
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2944Various frontend/GUI issues have been resolved.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2981Supplier import: Fixed an issue where files from subfolders within a ReqIFz package were deleted during the import process. This issue caused these attachments to be missing in the DNG module.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2995Problems related to uploading multiple import files simultaneously have been resolved.ReqIF-Manager
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2930When using the "Reload" button in the Compare-Module, users will now receive visual feedback indicating the current action in progress.Compare-Module
RS-2932The "Export/Import Jobs" page in the ReqIF Manager now contains the number of modules that belong to both waiting and running jobs, which improves the overview of the job status.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2933An icon has been added to the job overview to indicate whether the export/import session of the job has been closed or not. Additionally, a popup will now appear when downloading the export job/module package if the export session is still open.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2935Users can now resize columns in the ReqIF-Viewer.ReqIF-Viewer
RS-2937Users can now search for terms within ReqIF attribute values and configure which attributes to include in the search.ReqIF-Viewer
RS-2938Users can now collapse the DNG Component in the ReqIF Set. The DNG Component will display the total number of modules and indicate how many are selected.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2974In the "Select Start/Old Version Context" of Compare-Module, the name of the selected context will no longer appear in the opposite list.Compare-Module
RS-2975The creation of a baseline can now be deactivated for each component in a ReqIF set during "Close Export Session".ReqIF-Manager
New Features
Ticket-ID Description Components
RS-2731Introduced the ability to create attributes in DNG directly from the mapping dialog.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2896The "Delete Job" function now retains some entries in the database to ensure traceability.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2934The ReqIF-Manager will now display a warning if the "Last Synchronized On" date of a DNG Component exceeds a predefined threshold. Additionally, if any DNG Component within an entire ReqIF Set exceeds this threshold, a warning will be shown for the entire set.ReqIF-Manager
RS-2961Context menu added to ReqIF-Viewer "Table header" for column configuration, similar to DNG.ReqIF-Viewer
Release 4.2.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2915Implemented an automatic logout when the user logs in from another browser window.
RS-2947Fixed issue where an expired active session would not automatically log out, preventing "not authorized" error messages from being displayed.
RS-2955Opening the ReqIF file in the ReqIF Viewer of an open import session no longer leads to an error output.
RS-2960Fixed an issue where headings were not recognised when text and heading were empty.
RS-2962Fixed a bug in the supplier import where attributes were filtered out during import.
RS-2977The login log has been enhanced to include Symfony LDAP call details.
Release 4.2.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2956Fixing of multiple queries that lead to a memory overflow.
Release 4.2.01
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2942Fixed an issue with the "repairDngReqIF" processor where the alternative image name was not correctly replaced in the ReqIF.
RS-2948Fixed an issue where during import with the "Delete not included artifacts" option enabled, the "Heading" information was incorrectly removed if the DNG data model did not have a separate artifact type for headings.
Release 4.2.00
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2898A problem in the LDAP configuration related to OIDC login has been resolved.
RS-2921Fixed an issue in job search where after performing "Clear Search," the ReqIF Set name remained in the "Filter by ReqIF Set" field.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2675Import now includes a warning if an attribute value occurs more than once in a SPEC-OBJECT.
RS-2692Export/Import Jobs: Filter by user is now available.
RS-2708Improvement to the DiskSpaceService - Added functionality to send a warning email via a daily cron job after job cleanup and included an option to disable warning message display in the GUI.
RS-2824The ReqIF-Viewer now includes ReqIF check functionality, providing both a summary status and detailed information, similar to the ReqIF-Manager.
RS-2828Revised the existing Error List and rolled out a new version.
RS-2841Views are now displayed alphabetically.
RS-2843Supplier Import: After import, even when "Delete not included Artifacts" is disabled, the module structure is now adjusted to address existing DNG issues when writing the structure.
RS-2850Expanded the Drag & Drop field in the main window to cover the entire area below it.
RS-2863In the ReqIF-Viewer, embedded image files will now be displayed as images, while non-image embedded files will be displayed with their alternative image. Hovering over the files will display their names, and clicking on them will open the file in a new tab or initiate a download.
RS-2884In the "ReqIF data" sidebar, users can now select which ReqIF file to display data from when uploading reqifz files containing multiple ReqIF files.
RS-2886In the ReqIF-Viewer, the "Module Information" functionality is now displayed in a modal window. Additionally, "Module attributes" have been renamed to "Specification attributes," and all secondary buttons have been moved to a "..." dropdown menu.
RS-2894In the "ReqIF data" sidebar, when a ReqIF contains only one SPECIFICATION, the "Selected specification:" dropdown list has been removed. Now, it only displays the name of the SPECIFICATION.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2839ReqIFz files in the ReqIF-Manager can now be directly viewed in the ReqIF-Viewer via the "Show file in ReqIF-Viewer" button.
RS-2882Added a Troubleshooting Checklist tab to the Error List.
RS-2887In the "Module Structure" sidebar, users can now filter for Heading Number or Heading Text directly within the sidebar.
RS-2888In the "Module Structure" sidebar, the "Collapse At Level" function now expands the hierarchy up to a specific level and collapses all hierarchy above that level.
RS-2889In the "Module Structure" sidebar, users can now enable or disable the option "Only Show Headings."
Release 4.1.05
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2920Fixed an issue where lack of access to a ReqIF Set was not clearly indicated.
RS-2923Fixed an issue where images and OLE objects were not displayed correctly when no type was specified in the object tag.
RS-2924Fixed an issue where the ReqIF Manager API incorrectly returned the message "User not found in LDAP" despite the user existing and having access.
RS-2926Fixed an issue where an error message related to default partner attributes appeared when loading a ReqIF Set.
RS-2927Fixed an issue where uploading a reqifz file with subdirectories caused problems during the extraction of the Zip archive. The presence of backslashes \ instead of forward slashes / in the file names prevented the recognition and extraction of subdirectories.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2902Added "Request Upgrade" links to the dashboard.
Release 4.1.04
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2918Fixed memory leak in "ModuleStructure" processors in and reactivated the "CheckModuleStructure" processor.
Release 4.1.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2689Corrected the mispositioning of the Set URL and Reload buttons in the Compare Module on Firefox.
RS-2880Fixed problem where the ReqIF Manager persisted in the ReqIF Set even after deletion.
RS-2907Addressed issue where DiskSpace warning failed to appear despite full drive in some cases.
RS-2909Resolved error message display and data visibility issues in Administration / ReqIF Set Sharing.
RS-2910Fixed error where a job encountering a retry, with a previously processed module, would directly fail.
RS-2913Fixed issue where newly created ReqIF Sets were not automatically opened.
RS-2914Fixed incorrect paths to ReqIFSet|Partner in downloaded module log.
RS-2916Bugfix for Post/Pre Processing could not be checked/unchecked for ReqIF Sets in Import mode.
RS-2917Resolved the issue where a ReqIF Set in a folder was shared with the current user but wasn't visible in the ReqIF-Set list.
RS-2919The "checkModuleStructure" processor in Supplier Import mode has been temporarily deactivated due to a memory leak.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2832Improved behavior in the ReqIF-Manager to not wait for the entire job to finish during Graceful Shutdown.
Release 4.1.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2834Bugfix for missing links to the error list in job/module logs.
RS-2862Bugfix for displaying alternative images of non-image embedded files in the ReqIF-Viewer.
RS-2869Bugfix for the "Cancel Job" function not working properly.
RS-2873Bugfix for the module configuration list not refreshing after synchronization.
RS-2878Bugfix for error list URIs in downloaded job/module logs not being generated as absolute URIs.
RS-2881Fixed several display issues in the frontend.
RS-2897Bugfix for incorrect file extension when saving Compare-Module results with filenames containing spaces.
RS-2899Bugfix for Compare-Module not affecting Excel file configuration based on selected Compare View.
RS-2900Bugfix for storage warning message covering scrollbar in the ReqIF-Viewer.
RS-2901Deprecated error messages are no longer logged in production mode.
RS-2903 Bugfix for error caused by missing Spec AP Processing attribute during import post-processing.
RS-2906Bugfix for ReqIF-Viewer remaining in loading state when switching from another page.
Release 4.1.00
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2657The check for different DNG servers was missing when adding modules but has been reinstated in this update. This ensures that modules are added correctly, maintaining consistency across DNG servers.
RS-2693The issue where the job overview in some cases did not update the status of the last module correctly has been resolved in this update.
RS-2695In the copy attribute mapping dialog, target Spec Object-Types were sometimes missing for selection. This issue has been resolved in the this update. Users can now access and select all target Spec Object-Types as expected.
RS-2697Several erroneous displays related to pre and post-processing have been corrected.
RS-2758The "Compare-Module" bundle now displays an error when there is no access to a project area.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2650During mapping dialog, workflow status attributes are now marked with "WFlow" pill. This enhancement facilitates easier identification and mapping of workflow-related attributes.
RS-2663Icons for ReqIF Check have been adjusted to accommodate red-green color blindness.
RS-2673In the Edit Module dialog, the "Writable" checkbox is now grayed out for the Primary Text attribute in the Customer Role. This ensures that the attribute remains consistent and cannot be edited in this role.
RS-2696In the Customer Role, when "No view / all attributes" is selected as the view, no attributes are displayed for selection. Consequently, all attributes are exported and imported.
RS-2754In the import process with mapping, the creation of the dummy export has been improved for stability. If errors occur during the creation of artifacts and writing the structure in the Dummy Module (e.g., due to missing permissions), the process will be retried a second time. In this retry, the artifacts will be instantly created. Any errors encountered while creating artifacts will be logged as warnings. The affected artifacts will be ignored, and the process will continue with the remaining artifacts. If the respective artifact types are not used in the mapping, the file will be transformed. However, errors may occur during the transformation if one of the invalid artifact types is used.
RS-2757Improved error message when trying to import Reqif file that has no specification or add basic artifacts to a ReqIF Set.
RS-2771In the Supplier role, if the "Without processing" option is chosen for a ReqIF set, default attribute settings will no longer be available.
RS-2792Numerous error and warning messages have been assigned error codes and included in the error list for easier reference and overview.
RS-2808During the CompareExportView process, the view data will now be updated for the job module. This ensures that new attributes will not be removed from the export later.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2636We have introduced a new parameter, auth.ldap.user_access.dn, to parameters.yml. This parameter allows you to restrict user access by LDAP group, enabling you to narrow down user access based on LDAP group membership.
RS-2676In the ReqIF-Manager Supplier role during import preparation, a check has been implemented to detect existing ReqIF sets for the same module. If multiple ReqIF sets are found, a warning message will be issued to alert users. This enhancement helps prevent unintended duplication of ReqIF sets and promotes better management of module-related data.
RS-2677A new parameter group, "support.custom_help_page", has been added to the parameters.yml file. This parameter group allows defining a custom support page, providing the ability to override or deactivate existing help pages. This enhancement offers greater flexibility in managing support documentation according to specific needs.
RS-2678In ReqIF-Manager, when a user opens a URL for a ReqIF Set that they do not have access to, the application now displays the owner of the ReqIF Set and users who are "Authorized to share" the ReqIF Set. This enhancement provides greater transparency regarding ReqIF Set ownership and access permissions.
RS-2744Release Notes, Manual, Support, and About pages are now provided separately for each bundle. This enhancement allows for easier access to relevant information for each bundle.
RS-2752A ReqIF Viewer has been implemented as a requisis_toolbox bundle and is now available for licensing. This enhancement enables users to easily view ReqIF files, improving their workflow efficiency and productivity.
RS-2790A confirmation dialog has been added when changing the "Partner uses DNG" option after a successful export. This ensures that users are prompted to confirm their action, helping prevent accidental changes.
Release 3.2.06
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2746OslcImport | Pre Processing | Post Processing: Allow HTML comments when checking invalid XML tags for writing or comparing DNG values.
RS-2747Import with Mapping: Bug fix in retrieving module from DNG after import.
RS-2748ImportMapping: Retrieve DNG data from the selected stream if the current changeset is not available.
RS-2751Bug fix for OAuth callback forwarding.
RS-2755Timeout of the UserLoginState does not immediately lead to logout.
Release 3.2.05
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2739Import with Mapping: Don't show wrong warnings for existing files.
RS-2745Import/Export with Mapping: Mapping transformation bug fixes for multiple attributes with the same name and different identifiers.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2742Cleanup Users Command: Improved stability, expanded logging, and added a turn off parameter.
Release 3.2.04
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2724Show the ReqIF Check icon in the module log without distracting text.
RS-2725The number of embedded artifacts in the module log must not become negative.
RS-2727The ReqIF check in the ReqIF Manager log should not show “Passed” if no ReqIF check has done.
RS-2734Execution of the Cleanup Users command without required values is prevented.
Release 3.2.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2713Links in the primary text to another application on the same DNG server lead to an error when exporting the module.
RS-2715Import with Mapping: Import with Mapping: An error occurred when multiple Spec Object Types with the same name were mapped to the same DNG artifact type.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2714HIS processing: Changes to embedded artifacts should also be recognized as changes to the surrounding artifact - now also works with legacy artifacts uris.
Release 3.2.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2710Parameter implemented to disable Diskspace threshold warning message.
Release 3.2.01
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2702Due to performance problems, the changes for RS-2615 were reversed.
Release 3.2.00
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2585Import Mapping GUI: Bug fix for the "Show already used types" checkbox on the "Type Mapping" page not working properly.
RS-2605makeModuleStructureFlat: The entry for the processor is only written to the log when it is executed.
RS-2638Improve ReqIF validation check if objects are referenced in the hierarchy that do not exist in the ReqIF file.
RS-2658OSLC import: Set empty value to artifact only appears in the log if the value is actually set to empty.
RS-2659Status of the ReqIF check in the module log matches that of the upload file.
RS-2667OSLC import is not used for import if the feature is not active.
RS-2668Fixed the problem that the reload button in the Compare module does not reload data from DNG
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2472HIS-Processing: Changes to embedded artifacts should also be recognized as changes to the surrounding artifact.
RS-2511Supplier mode: During the import, default attribute values are set to every attribute value if they exist and no specific value is set.
RS-2524The speed of read operations in HIS pre and post processing has been improved.
RS-2555Import Mapping GUI: Do not show multimapping warning during Spec Type Mapping for Enum Mapping Mode.
RS-2566Import Mapping GUI: The mapping to a workflow state attribute can be prohibited via the parameter rm.import_mapping.allow_workflow_state_attributes in parameters.yml.
RS-2568OSLC import: The log entry is no longer a warning when a matching DNG artifact type cannot be found for a ReqIF SPEC-OBJECT-TYPE.
RS-2569Supplier mode: The warning message when XHTML attributes are assigned to string attributes during import should only be output once per type and attribute at the beginning.
RS-2570Receiver SpecAP Import Processing: If an artifact was not part of the import, SpecAP processing now sets the Receiver_Status to "deleted requirement".
RS-2583Share ReqIF Set: If the checkbox for “Authorized to share” is set, the checkmark for “shared” is automatically set.
RS-2584The list of users on the "Create ReqIF Set", "Edit ReqIF Set" and "Share ReqIF Set" pages is now sorted in ascending alphabetical order.
RS-2587Import Mapping GUI: ReqIF.Foreign* attributes from DNG are no longer listed for mapping.
RS-2604Supplier mode: The title of the import job now indicates that the import is from the partner and not to the partner.
RS-2608Admin manual: Updated and added information about customizing file locations.
RS-2611Information on configuring and using OIDC has been added to the manual and admin manual.
RS-2614Administration > Predefined mapping profiles now store and provide the following information for each profile: Created by, Created on, Modified by, Modified on
RS-2615Added confirmation dialog when changing the “Partner uses DNG” option after successful export.
RS-2616Supplier mode: If the "Delete artifacts not included" option is disabled during import, checkmodulestructure now ignores artifacts that were not part of the import during the check.
RS-2617checkmodulestructure: Now only issues one warning for an artifact that has the wrong parent/predecessor type, not multiple warnings, and the warning indicates what the problem is (Wrong predecessor? Wrong parent?)
RS-2618Added job cleanup as cronjob and the ability to control this via parameters.yml.
RS-2622Improved warning message when too much memory is used on the server.
RS-2626Import Mapping GUI: ReqIF.Foreign* Attributes can just imported or ignored.
RS-2627The rm.supplier.import.add_tag_to_deleted_artifact parameter has been added to the parameters.yml and provides the ability to configure the created tag for artifacts not included in the supplier import.
RS-2629Compare-Tool: compareExportView: Column name resolution improved.
RS-2631Import Mapping GUI: Added warning when multiple Spec-Object-Types from ReqIF file are mapped to the same DNG artifact type.
RS-2635Supplier mode: Improved warning for enum values that could not be mapped back during export.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2382Maintenance mode implemented in the administration area.
RS-2486Dng widget page added to the ReqIF manager as well as a widget to open the toolbox from DNG.
RS-2623Added ability to backup to S3 bucket.
Release 3.1.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2632Supplier Import: When multiple SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES are mapped to a DNG artifact type in Spec-Object-Types mapping mode, the transformed ReqIF now contains a superset of all attributes.
RS-2655If there are links in text attributes, an attempt was previously made to retrieve these against the server. This led to errors in the migration.
Release 3.1.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2613Supplier Import: If multiple SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES are mapped to one DNG Artifact Type, transformed ReqIF only contains a superset of all attributes.
RS-2625compareExportView: No error if Element2 is missing in the filter.
Release 3.1.00
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2505Avoid errors when job list is open and job was deleted in background.
RS-2521The ReqIF check (when uploading a ReqIF file) no longer performs non ReqIF standard XSD checks.
RS-2545Bug fix for the same error appearing multiple times in the module log.
RS-2547Bug fix for system attributes not being listed in the module log during the view comparison step.
RS-2551Bug fix for the API endpoint /reqifset/getJobs when the job session was not found.
RS-2554Bug fix so that the exported modules are correctly selected by default when “Close export session”.
RS-2556Bug fix of displaying the mapping option when doing the reexport of 2nd roundtrip.
RS-2559Bug fix for incorrect display of components in ReqIF Set when switching between ReqIF Sets.
RS-2565Bug fix for the parameter rm.allow.importwithoutmapping: "false" not being applied even if it is set.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2427Output a warning if more than 80% of the memory on the server is occupied.
RS-2457OSLC Import: Better warning message when ReqIF manager cannot find a writable attribute in ReqIF.
RS-2512Add Module: Improved default view matching for partners.
RS-2519Added the always.write.mix.log parameter and the ability to disable writing the mix log without debug mode.
RS-2520Export/Import Jobs: Sort modules by component name and module name.
RS-2523Process multiple modules once when adding via drag & drop to increase speed.
RS-2539Pre Processing - repairDngReqIF: Improve repair script, if there is a px specification in the xhtml attribute border, it will be removed.
RS-2543Downloading the module log is only possible after the import/export of the module is complete.
RS-2546If DNG TAGs are included in the ReqIF file, they should not be removed during import with mapping.
RS-2557When creating a ReqIF Set and the user is now allowed to be owner, the first user from the owner list is not automatically set as owner.
RS-2558Daily checking of disabled ldap users.
RS-2563OIDC login improved and config parameters auth.oidc.login.response.mail_attribute and auth.oidc.login.response.user_attribute added for better parameterization.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2532Job log: Display the file name and, if possible, download link of the file used during import.
RS-2535API: Jobsstatus Response extended by "sessionId".
RS-2544Added new API endpoint /exchangeSession/getJobs which returns a list of jobs.
Release 3.0.11
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2537Supplier Import: Bugfix so that used types are not ignored during import for mapping modes other than SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES
RS-2538Supplier Import: Bugfix so that used attributes are not ignored during import.
RS-2541Export: Bugfix for exports with multiple components or too many modules, not all modules are included in the export package or are included encrypted.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2534Supplier Mode - Import Mapping GUI: column for attribute name "Attributes in ReqIF File" get maximum width if attribute display name is too long
Release 3.0.10
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2531Supplier Import: Imports with SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES without LONG-NAME do not work.
Release 3.0.09
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2439Bugfix for the uncontrolled opening and closing of the module table in the job overview when several jobs are running.
RS-2490Supplier Mode: The import for modules with the mapping mode 'Import without mapping' can now be started.
RS-2494Supplier import with mapping: Only attributes that are present in the imported file are mapped and imported.
RS-2517Bugfix for parallel processing of jobs on the same component if the jobs have more than one component.
RS-2522Bugfix for incorrect 'The job ended unexpectedly' message during OSLC import.
Release 3.0.07
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2410Import Mapping: Bugfix for enums with only one value interpreted as integer
RS-2488Troubleshooting. When importing as a Supplier without mapping, only the selected specification is now imported if there are several specifications in one file.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2454Display the number of artifacts updated by the OSLC import in the module summary
RS-2455A warning is issued in the log if there is nothing to update during the OSLC import
RS-2456OSLC import is aborted with error message in the log if there are no writable attributes in the ReqIF file
RS-2507LDAP requests are limited to required attributes.
Release 3.0.08
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2507LDAP requests are limited to required attributes.
Release 3.0.06
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2401If there are more than 2 specifications per file, there is no check for SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES used during mapping for performance reasons.
RS-2440If user uses low resolution, the "Actions" bar is now accessible via scroll bar.
RS-2445Loading data from DNG when importing with mapping has been improved.
RS-2460Bugfix for "reload data" in the import mapping GUI not working properly.
RS-2466When retrying a job, the error messages are now reset correctly.
RS-2471Import Mapping: Advanced Mapping - Bugfix for endless loading when saving an empty mapping.
RS-2474Bug fix when syncing a component, the data is now updated correctly.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2363To add import folder for multiple module configurations or delete multiple module configurations, a button "Actions for multiple modules" has been added to the Actions Bar in the ReqIF Sets overview.
RS-2383Improved job search and page display.
RS-2386Improved error message when changeset cannot be delivered because it has to be attached to a work item.
RS-2435Supplier Import: Clean up data from the dummy export even in case of an error.
RS-2441Display of ReqIF XSD check result in module log for observer jobs.
RS-2442Check for errors in DNG log even if no export file is available.
RS-2450In the job search, the filter for the ReqIF sets can now be edited and filtered.
RS-2458The list of ReqIF sets can now be filtered.
RS-2469The Retry button is now also available for canceled jobs.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2470Added fullName and componentName in API response for getJobStatus
Release 3.0.05
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2392The drop-down menu for selecting the mapping mode can now be operated with the mouse again as intended.
RS-2398Predefined Mapping Profile Folders included in Import Mapping.
RS-2400Supplier Export: Correct display of the mapping used during export.
RS-2405No more display of products that are not licensed.
RS-2406The buttons next and previous in the mapping dialog are now grayed out again if they have no function.
RS-2414 Share ReqIF Set (Permission GUI): Search by User ID possible.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-115When adding or synchronizing modules, the system also checks whether the user has the necessary rights to export/import ReqIF files.
RS-2387Add ReqIF Set ID to the name of the ReqIF definition.
RS-2397Display of corrupted views, if they exist and in which context they can be found.
RS-2416Allow enablement of Supporter-Role by LDAP-Attribute and Value.
RS-2434Improve error message if the embedded artefact no longer exists during export.
Release 3.0.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2347Login check when try to copy mapping.
RS-2356Bugfix for the correct versions of the target modules and target folders in the ReqIF Manager Import/Export overview.
RS-2358Bugfix for incorrect display in the Joblog.
RS-2361Bugfix for predefined mapping profile selection.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2132Improved error message if the Change Set cannot be delivered during export because an artifact is locked by another user.
Release 3.0.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2331Disable the old frontend.
Release 3.0.01
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2291When changing the ReqIF Set Name, the name of the job list will also be updated.
RS-2316Warning if user use URI that point to ReqIF Set which user has no access to or ReqIF Set does not exist anymore.
RS-2321Null pointer check if administration area has no entry.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2263Preventing the generation of linebreaks for embedded text artifacts when creating ReqIF files.
RS-2326In the administration area, the column width is limited. If the ReqIF Set name is too long, a line break occurs.
Release 2.9.14
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1958Bugfix for writing non-valid data to DNG which led to a program crash
Release 2.9.12
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1838Bugfix: The repeated query of an artifact with previous error 400 now take over the data correctly if successful.
Release 2.9.11
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1792Bugfix for invalid xml by wrapping URIs with a tag.
RS-1805Export Mapping: Ignore objects on export that were not in the selected import.
Release 2.11.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2241OSLC Import: Bugfix for comparing and writing enumeration values with legacy and new URIs.
RS-2244Multiple targetUrls in Configuration.json are processed correctly.
Release 2.11.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2146When exporting as a supplier, the embedded artifacts are resolved and removed beforehand, even if Partner uses DNG is selected.
RS-2183OSLC Import: If there is an error in the artifact, the artifactID is written to the error message if possible.
RS-2221Compare Module: Bugfix for missing enum values of multiple enumerations.
Release 2.11.01
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2014Bugdix for updating supporter role with OIDC login.
RS-2098OSLC Import: Only update attributes that exist in the artifact.
RS-2116OSLC Import: Also perform import if no type mapping was found.
RS-2142OSLC Import: When importing with only one spec object type, all DNG types are searched for suitable import attributes.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-2030Admin manual: Chapter 3.2.1 revised.
RS-2099RepairDngReqIF: Improved resolution of embedded artifacts.
RS-2143CleanUpImportPackage: do not remove complete REQ-IF-TOOL-EXTENSION if REQ-IF-TOOL-ID is IBM Rational DOORS.
Release 2.11.00
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1723Added check for duplicate URIs for enum values when loading the DNG data model.
RS-1956Import with mapping: mapping option ReqIF.Chaptername/ReqIF.Text now ignores case for ReqIF.Chaptername recognition.
RS-1972Improved error messages when uploading files.
RS-1978Select import folder: Improved checking if URI is a folder.
RS-1979CompareModuleBundle: All illegal characters in the file name of the Excel report are replaced with legal characters.
RS-1999ReqIF Manager API: Sending the notification when the status changes to "Done" after the job has ended.
RS-2000ReqIF Manager API: Add option to download logPackage for job and module.
RS-2015ReqIF Manager API: Bug fix to allow users registered via OIDC to also access via ReqIF Manager API.
RS-2047CleanUpImportPackage: Process restructured to avoid the reqif file being duplicated in the transformed reqifz package.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1975CompareModuleBundle: Add Origin ID as default value in Excel export.
RS-1980W267 message downgraded from Warning to Info.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1092Added ability to deliver changesets and create baselines when closing the import session.
RS-1630CompareExportView: Added check for artifacts whose parent artifacts are missing in the structure.
RS-1949ReqIF Manager API: Add version endpoint.
RS-2004Added the ability to export TAGs.
Release 2.10.03
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1842Bugfix for "Copy Mapping" between modules not working properly.
RS-1945Import with mapping: Newly created values and links will be synced.
RS-1958Bugfix for writing non-valid data to DNG which led to a program crash
RS-1998API Documentation: Response schemas are displayed correctly.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1818Supplier role: modules that are mapped to "Import without mapping" are treated like modules in the customer role during export.
RS-1832Error message improved if DNG user has no DNG license assigned.
RS-1834Improved error message when synchronizing if Change Set no longer exists.
RS-1942Import with mapping: Adapt structure from Doors Next module to structure from ReqIF file after import, when option "delete not included Artifacts" is activated for ReqIF files that were not generated from Doors next.
New Features
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1831OSLC Import: Attributes are now primarily mapped via the ReqIF identifier.
Release 2.10.02
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1816Bug fix: Import with mapping - list and support the SPECT-OBJECT-TYPE for parameters.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1809Transformed ReqIF file and originial export file are included in the module log package.
RS-1815License information moved to about page.
Release 2.10.01
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1790Bugfix for export mapping in supplier role.
RS-1793Bugfix for missing SPEC-OBJECT-TYPES of embedded artifacts in import mapping.
RS-1795Embedded files are resolved correctly.
Ticket-ID Description
RS-1613When importing with mapping, the ReqIF.ForeignID of an object is written to the log if it is available.
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