IBM DOORS 9.x as a Service

Free yourself from operating your DOORS environment

Detach yourself from your existing DOORS operation and hand over the operation of the server and client environment to us. We have decades of experience with IBM DOORS and will gladly take over the effort of operating your solution. Switch to a terminal server-based solution and free up capacities in your IT for other tasks.
In addition, protect your data by using requisis_DSP and 2-factor authentication.

REQUISIS Secure Requirements Workplace
Our Requirements Workplace includes everything you need to work productively with DOORS.

Components of the solution

  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • DOORS Server
  • Terminal Server with DOORS Client
  • Secure login via OIDC or LDAP connection to your Active Directory
  • Access via remote desktop client or HTML5 in the browser.
  • VPN access for key users for direct access to the DOORS database
  • DOORS licenses included / alternatively BYOL (Bring your own license)
  • as well as our REQUISIS tools

    • requisis_DoX - Document Generation
    • requisis_MoRE - Offline HTML-Based Data Exchange
    • requisis_ReX - ReqIF Exchange Tool
    • requisis_DSP - DOORS Security Proxy

Special Features

  • 2-factor authentication via OIDC possible
  • Securing of the DOORS server by requisis_DSP
  • REQUISIS products are included
  • Backup 7 days rolling included
  • User management by REQUISIS
  • technical support (level 1 and level 2) by REQUISIS
  • Hosting of the data in Germany
  • multiple redundant internet connection

Ideal for

  • Outsourcing of the previous DOORS operation
  • Outsourcing of the DOORS database as an archive system for long-term archiving (e.g. after migration to DOORS Next)
  • Central DOORS database for worldwide distributed work with high-performance Internet connection.

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