IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management as a Service

Hassle-free entry into IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management / Jazz Platform

Deploying the Jazz Platform with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management applications is a difficult challenge for many companies. In close cooperation with IBM, we offer customers of all sizes the complete operation of the Jazz platform in the form of a SaaS solution including licenses and REQUISIS add-on projects.

Here, we pay special attention to the topics of performance and data protection. We use local SSD arrays for optimal performance and operate the solution in a private ISO 27001 certified data center. For customers with particularly high requirements, we can also operate the solution as an on-premise solution on the customer's hardware.

REQUISIS Secure Requirements Workplace Next Generation
Our Requirements Workplace Next Generation is also sold under the brand "jazzQ" via
It includes all products of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Suite as well as the extensions of REQUISIS for the optimal use of DOORS Next Generation.

Components of the solution

  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management licenses (optionally Requirements Management, Test Management or IBM Engineering Lifecycle
    Management Base Practitioner) are included, alternatively BYOL (Bring your own license).
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization Document Generation (Rational Publishing Engine RPE) (optional)
  • Global Configuration Management enabled
  • Secure login via OIDC or LDAP coupling to your Active Directory
  • Setup according to "IBM Recommendation for Enterprise Setup" depending on installation size
  • Already available for 3 users (named user or concurrent session)
  • included REQUISIS products

    • ReqIF-Manager for optimal data exchange with ReqIF
    • requisis_MiX - migration tool for DOORS 9 (in 1st year)

Technical details

  • Deployment in an environment isolated from other customers.
  • Access via Internet or only from shared IP addresses or only via a Site2Site VPN (like Private Cloud).
  • Operation of the Jazz platform by REQUISIS
  • Technical support by REQUISIS
  • Operation of the applications as individual Liberty servers (depending on the number of users)
  • Memory and CPU allocations depending on the number of users
  • Exclusively fast local SSD storage in RAID6
  • Once 500,000 artifacts are reached, we allocate additional instances for new projects, so that there is enough room for growth and the installation remains performant in the long term.
  • We use the IBM DB2 database
  • DB2 HADR replication is possible (optional)
  • Backup 7 days rolling at geographically separated location
  • Hourly replication of data possible (optional)
  • Multiple redundant Internet connection (10G bandwidth)
  • Choice of domains (<yourname>, <yourname>,<yourname>,<yourname>,<yourname>,<yourname>
  • use of customer domain possible (e.g.

Special features

  • Global Config Management enabled for all installation sizes
  • Free connection via VPN for user access via VPN and LDAP integration
  • Hosting of data in Germany
  • Alternative operation on customer's hardware on-premise or in customer's cloud possible
  • REQUISIS products are included
  • Provision of additional software (e.g. CI pipelines such as Jenkins) and addons/widgets possible
  • Integration of customer applications possible
  • Free POCs incl. migration of customer data

Ideal for

  • Fast entry into IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (e.g. DOORS NEXT)
  • Most cost-effective overall solution
  • Outsourcing of existing Jazz installations in a performant environment

Interested in proof-of-concept or test installation?.
We would be happy to set up a test installation for you for 30-60 days. We would be happy to transfer parts of your data to our environment, so that you can use them in our environment for testing purposes.

If you are interested, please contact our jazzQ team:
Phone: +49 (30) 536 506-678

or compose your desired installation at and order a free trial version.

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