Secure, highly-flexible data exchange of large module sets in DOORS at top speed in RIF/ReqIF format

IBM Rational DOORS is one of the most important applications for state-of-the-art requirements management for systems and professional it applications. With the tried and tested requisis_ReX exchange tool, you can quickly import and export large module sets in RIF/ReqIFformat, and flexibly confgure data exchange using DOORS. Importing and exporting with DOORS has never been as fast, flexible and secure.

The tool that accelerates the automotive industry
requisis_ReX exports and imports requests from DOORS in RIF / ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) format faster than ever before. RIF / ReqIF is a data export standard of major car manufacturers. Therefore, requisis_ReX is of particular interest to car manufacturers and suppliers. The export volume can be configured easily and flexibly. Existing configurations can be reused, mapping data from other replacement tools such as eXchange and Exerpt can be adopted. The standardized data exchange between OEM and supplier as well as meaningful error messages ensure highest quality.

14 times faster than others
requisis_ReX is significantly faster than its main competitor: In an on-site test in September 2012, requisis_ReX imported a total of 400 DOORS modules in just 2.5 hours including configuration. According to the customer, this would have taken a whole working week with the other tool - 35 hours. So the solution was amazing 14 times faster than the competition.


  • Data exchange in requirements management ith partners who use IBM Rational DOORS or
    who use a different RM tool
  • Synchronization of DOORS modules


  • Speed-optimized export and import engine
  • Data exchange is based on rif/reqif fles
  • Intuitive, proven processing methods
  • Supports ole objects
  • Supports type updates during the import process (enumeration values)
  • Transaction-secure data exchange – if errors occur, data is not modifed
  • Creation of multiple export sets and export confgurations for a large number of modules
  • Import creates change documentation
  • Baselines as process support
  • Transfer of mapping data from Exerpt or eXchange - existing DOORS modules can still be used
  • Function integration with your own DOORS extensions using API
  • Developed in close cooperation with Daimler, VW, BMW, Audi, Continental, PTC, Visure, IBM, etc. in the Reqif-Implementor Forum

New features

  • Comprehensive pre-processing and postprocessing steps during the import process
  • Comprehensive pre-processing and postprocessing steps during the import process
  • Comprehensive pre-processing and postprocessing steps during the import process

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