Release inactive DOORS licenses automatically

With the Requisis_Doors Bouncer you can automatically release inactive DOORS licenses and thus make them available to other users

Key Features.

  • Release of inactive DOORS licenses
    [li.]fully automatic
  • Optional: with security question before DOORS is closed and license is released
  • Query and release times freely configurable

picture bouncer process

With the Requisis_Doors Bouncer you can optimize the utilization of your Doors license pool to limit costs and in some cases even save money. The requisis_Doors Bouncer monitors how long users are actively working in Doors and releases the unused license in case of inactivity. This way you achieve an optimal license pool size as the maximum number of unused licenses is always available for your employees. Besides you increase your employee satisfaction because they don't have to wait for free licenses anymore.

The DOORS Bouncer reduces the time a DOORS client is open unused and therefore the number of DOORS licenses needed. According to our experience, the operation in hint-only mode alone reduces the number of licenses by more than 20%.

Mode of operation
As soon as a user has not clicked on any object or opened any module within a configurable period of time, a configurable warning or request is displayed to release the DOORS license for other users. Furthermore, an ejection time can be optionally set, after which the user will be logged out of DOORS. It can be configured whether the unsaved modules should be saved or not.

The DOORS bouncer is stored as a DXL script in the DOORS client. To do this, the DOORS bouncer must be copied to the Doors folder on each computer. This can be done in different ways: You can use a software distribution tool, but also group policies, if the computers are identifiable with DOORS. Alternatively, you can set up a central doorshome-share in the DOORS server, which is used by all clients. In this case no installation on the PCs is necessary.

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