Viewing and editing modules offline in the browser

With our mobile requirements editor requisis_MoRE you can also view DOORS data, comment on it, and load changes later into DOORS. So working with DOORS becomes location independent - and therefore more efficient.


  • Transportable modular full load requirements specification with linking
  • Involvement of partners and employees without DOORS
  • Edit without connection to the database
    - mobile test case execution and logging
    - Mobile review sessions and requirement commenting
  • Offline collaboration with suppliers without DOORS
  • Location-independent entry of test results
  • Increased efficiency: through complete, mobile complete specifications
  • Use of travel time for reviews

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Perform Reviews Create Motivation
  • Quality improvement through more regular reviews
  • Simple selection of the export set (modules, views, baselines)
  • Export directly from DOORS
  • Display and navigation via DOORS links
  • No learning additional tools
  • Edit data directly in the browser
  • Easy feedback of the data
  • Ad hoc exports without the involvement of the DOORS Admins
  • Export of OLE objects additionally as a Word file
  • Integration of the function into own DOORS extensions via API
  • Customizable styles

New Features

  • Operation now even more comfortable
  • Navigation tree on the left side
  • All columns can be faded in and out
  • Column size individually adjustable
  • Colors of enumeration values ​​are also exported
  • Column headings visible at the top of the window
  • Export and suitable display of deleted objects (if they are visible in the view)
  • Improved rendering of module attributes

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