The fast document generator turns modules into Word documents

Word is the standard program for word processing on the PC and is used by almost every user. Requisis_DoX turns DOORS modules into handy Word files in an instant. You can just keep working, because the clipboard will not be used.

No clipboard - no break
requisis_DoX is our document generator that uses DOORS modules to create Word files that are automatically prepared in your company's design using your Word template. Because requisis_DoX does not use the windows clipboard, you can continue working on your PC during the export process.

New features in version 2.0
Several DOORS modules can now be merged into a single Word file and the version levels can already be compared during the export. The presentation has become more comprehensible - for example through the graphical comparison of OLE objects, a new module bar and various output formats.


  • Export of DOORS modules Word or pdf
  • Printout of performance/requirements specifcations
  • Generation of change documentation
  • Revision-proof archiving of DOORS data


  • Fast export – the computer is not blocked during export
  • The clipboard can still be used during export
  • Lossless, complete export
  • Time savings due to simple confguration
  • Revision security: complete archiving of the performance specifcations
  • All special characters are exported
  • Module properties are transferred to document properties, header/footer, cover sheet, etc.
  • Selection of the view and of the baseline to be exported
  • Automatic change documentation
  • Export in book format or as a table, as well as many other mixed formats
  • Customizable Word templates
  • Post-processing macros
  • API integration with your own DOORS extensions


  • Export of several modules to Word document or a PDF/A fle
  • Diverse layout options
  • Change comparison as comparison suitable for management or as a detailed comparison with redlining view
  • OLE object comparison based on view
  • New attribute presentation options
    – As a list below the requirement
    – As a single column: all attributes in one column, one below the other
    – As individual columns: one column per attribute
  • The output format can be confgured at the object level

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