Manage your DNG ReqIF Exports and Imports using requisis_ReqIF-Manager

requisis_ReqIF-Manager is a solution to manage and optimize the ReqIF Exchange Process using IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. It allows you to create reusable roundtrip configurations to manage the cross-component requirements exchange process with multiple exchange partners. It also comes with a flexible mapping technology that allows you to keep your type-system by mapping the ReqIF artifact types, attributes and enumeration values to your data model. Of course with integrated merge and split functionality.


  • Configure and orchestrate round-trips

    • Multiple Components
    • Multiple Partners (e.g. Suppliers)
    • Reusable round-trip configuration
    • Automatic assignment of ReqIF files to the right dng module and component

  • Overcoming DNG Limitations

    • Concurrent exports/imports are intelligently queued
    • Optimizing and filtering of exported ReqIF file
    • Schema-checking of export results
    • Import in cases where type-system does not match

  • Automation

    • Creation of ReqIF definitions across the platform
    • Collection of all reqifz files from across the platform
    • Creation of Export documentation
    • Creation of Changesets
    • Postprocessing after import
    • Preprocessing before Export
    • Creation of Baselines

Flexible Data Mapping

  • Mapping using Mapping Profiles and drag and drop
  • Selection of target Artifact type by

    • Enumeration Value in ReqIF
    • Heading or Text

  • Map attributes, enumeration values per target Artifact type

    • Includes Merging (and splitting) of Attribute Values written to string attributes
    • Includes Mapping of different attribute types to string

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