Easy migration of data to DOORS Next Generation

Using our migration and integration tool requisis_MiX you can easily transfer you data from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (DNG), without the need to modify your data in DOORS Classic prior to the migration.


  • Migration from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (DNG)
  • Synchronization of data between DOORS and DNG


  • User-friendly interface for quick confguration
  • Direct data transfer using Rest API (OSLC) – no export and import required
  • Continuous updates of DNG module possible; optimal support for parallel operation
  • Extensive checks for incompatibilities and possible data loss in the run-up to the migration
  • Migration of attribute-controlled variants into different DNG streams
  • Detailed mapping for artefact types and attributes can be confgured
  • Preconfgurable intelligent mapping rules to automatically confgure large scale module migrations
  • Transmission of different views to different streams of the same module possible
  • Conversion of attributes to other basic types possible (Enum>String, Int>String, etc.)
  • Enablement of support-assisted migration:

    • Mapping preconfguration by your support team
    • Report generation
    • Execution of the preconfgured mapping after approval

requisis_MiX in cction

Easy Migration using requisis_MiX

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