IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant as a Service

Use the IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) as SaaS
without any installation

As a replacement for the discontinued IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant SaaS service, REQUISIS now offers a comparable SaaS service as an IBM Business Partner. In addition, we also offer the service as IaaS, SaaS on-prem or managed service.

Use the power of Watson AI to improve the quality of engineering requirements as you write them.
Increase the quality of your requirements and use the IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) as SaaS or Managed Service from REQUISIS.

Now available for DOORS Next or DOORS 9

Dramatically improve the clarity of project requirements
IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA) can improve your requirements process by:

  • Reducing the cost of defects
  • Reducing the cost of manual reviews
  • Using the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements to help train junior engineers
  • Speeding time to market by catching requirements errors early in the engineering process
  • Leveraging Watson natural language processing to assess your requirements for quality

Requirements Quality Assistant key benefits

Reduce errors

Poorly written requirements account for more than half of all engineering errors.

Reduce costs

The cost of correcting errors increases exponentially as a project progresses. Decrease product development costs and delays by catching errors early and reducing rework.

Strengthen requirements

By using Watson AI and the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements, content that needs correction is highlighted to reduce ambiguity.

Improve stakeholder satisfaction

An early emphasis on writing clear requirements can lead to better communication across teams.

Improve productivity

No one likes to rewrite requirements. Get it right the first time and keep the team focused on critical projects.

Improve test plan clarity

Writing clear requirements helps jump-start testing and reduce churn.

Features of IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant

  • 11 quality scores covering more than 80% of the INCOSE Guide for Writing Requirements
  • A machine-learned model that becomes smarter over time
  • An add-on to DOORS and DOORS Next to speed time to value
  • Quality scoring that is configurable to suit your needs
  • Pre-trained model to immediately help improve productivity in writing good requirements
  • Available as a client-managed solution in network

Operation and Management


The all-in-one package.
Licenses, hardware & operation by REQUISIS.


The package for switchers
Hardware & operation by REQUISIS. The licenses are provided by the customer.

Managed Service

Operation in the customer's environment.
Operation by REQUISIS on the customer's resources on-prem or cloud. Licenses provided either by customer or REQUISIS.

You want to try IBM Engineering Requirements Quality Assistant ?
We can provide you with a free testing SaaS instance for 30 days. Please contact our team, so that we can arrange the setup for your own testing environment.

We also would be glad to answer all of your questions concerning IBM Engineering Solutions and our products and services.

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